We're on an uncertainty rollercoaster - Ukraine, Silicon Valley Bank, FTX, ChatGPT - but there is one thing that we can rely on: Our humanity.

November 2022

I hate the term. I really do. But maybe philanthropists and foundations need to deploy some dry powder of their own.

October 2022

And how it can lead to successful fundraising.

August 2022

Even when the conditions aren’t “ideal”.

July 2022

And his Judeo-Christian Handmaid's Tale Patriotic Re-education Schools are coming to a town near you. Don't sleep on it. Do something.
A plan to return this country to Democracy

June 2022

Also known as The Worst Practices.

May 2022

And how fundraisers often get caught chasing oversized stuffed bananas.

April 2022

Because you gotta know when to walk away, and know when to run.
And how it could be limiting your connection to donors.
And a reminder that there's no perfect time to reconnect.
Because it's better than whitewashing.