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That’s a great question, but after spending nearly 25 years of my career in high-level advancement, I think I have unique lensing into our profession, as well as thoughts on how to maintain balance in what can be an all-consuming career.

I also write about philanthropy, what it means to be generous (or not so generous), legacy power structures in high-level philanthropy (and how to navigate them), modern fusion energy research (especially the work at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center and Commonwealth Fusion Systems), the best donut shops in the Eastern Time Zone, and generally any topic that I find interesting or entertaining.

I write what I know, from the heart, with humor, and with the goal of making the world, and the fundraising profession, even better.

When I’m not writing I run the fundraising advisory firm, Rootstock Philanthropy. Or said another way, when I’m not running Rootstock, I write.

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Mission-driven founder of Rootstock Philanthropy and the Philanthropy Network. Father and husband. Sneakerhead. Peloton Enthusiast. Mainer.